I lack nothing.

We run away from where we are not because we want to explore the world but because we feel entirely empty. We think we can find satisfaction elsewhere. We turn to others for comfort when we can’t find it at home, we run to the bar for entertainment when our hearts are bleeding with feelings even we ourselves can’t understand. We are constantly on the hunt for things to keep our hearts pacing, pounding – looking for reasons not to come home. We run away thinking we could get by with only ourselves to trust and our hearts as our compass.


And when we realized that we can’t make it on our own. . . We came home.

To our surprise, arms opened wide.
With only love in His heart, and tears in His eyes.
He greeted us with his great big smile -ran to us and said
“My love, my Child. Long have I waited for your return.”
He threw a feast for us –
Happier is He because we came home, because home is where we shall be.


We are all oblivious, like sheep – we need to be led.
“The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing” – Psalm 23:1