Dear Young Lady: In Rushing for The One

Because maybe that "The One" may not be the "one" you've been wasting your time looking for in the coffee shops or in book stores thinking his interests could match yours. Maybe your "The One" is not JUST ANYONE because He Is The One. Maybe that's why the person is called The One because He Is distinct, He is different, He is entirely set apart - not of this world.


Negating Negatives

Because when you think about it, the negatives can mean positive too. "God if what you call 'blessed' is not the blessed I see, carve your kingdom in my heart and let me see the 'blessed' you mean. Your blessed - I want to see."

First among Firsts

I will come to confess that in a worldly perspective, I have always understood the meaning of "first love" as the one you've felt those cringey sparks with first. As You welcomed me with open arms and made me realize things I never realized before, You told me that "first love" doesn't mean "first fall" - it means "FIRST" before others.

And so He says, Endure.

In this world of great peril, nothing is permanent. In contrast to earth, there awaits for those who have truly been saved, a world without conflict and tears. A world without competition, where everyone is equal except for One. Where happiness abounds and Love reigns all the more. Where not a day goes by without worship, for everything they will be doing is to worship. That -  and that alone. And so He says, endure.

I’m not saying Yes to a Maybe

I’m no longer saying Yes to a Maybe because they’re expensive, and I can no longer afford it. To save you from your future heartbreak, “maybe” you should too. I am aware that by saying this, I might be hindering you from learning lessons on your own, but If I can help you in avoiding the land mines I had stepped on, then this maybe is worth it.