Resting in the Quiet

Dry, and parched. Scriptures seem to be off topic, and God seems to be silent. There’s not one verse that speaks, and His word isn’t connected to what I’m going through.

Christians would ask, although sometimes we don’t ask it aloud, but surely we ask.

“Oh, God, where are you? Are you hiding your face somewhere between the Bible, not the one I’m in? Are you in the pages I fail to open? Why can’t I find you, no matter how hard I try to seek? Have you gone mute? Why aren’t you speaking? Have I sinned too much, that you’re no longer willing to take me back because this time, I overdid it?”

Dry times are normal, but they are hell.

They feel like we’re being forsaken and forgotten. Sometimes, they even lead us to question whether or not we’re truly Christians because we’ve been dry for so long, and God’s position seems vacated, and everything else is taking His place. It feels like God has gone tired of fighting for His position in our hearts, that He’s allowed the throne for bidding.

We think manipulating’s the best option to get what we want, money makes us feel secure, we feel lost when we’re alone and our friends are not around, we cry with every small detail we see wrong, we condemn ourselves daily for the things we do. Sinning gets a little bit easier every day, and our guilt pile resembles the nearest mountain we can think of.

God, have you given up? Are we still on to this eternity?

What we need to remember is that…

One, the things we don’t appreciate when we have them are much more appreciated when they are gone.

The reason why God would stay still and be silent, allowing us to feed our desires is for us to realize that these things don’t satisfy, and will never satisfy us as much as He can. To make us realize His true worth, and how much more satisfying, securing and assuring His love is. That the tangible things might satisfy for some time, but the next minute the feeling is gone and you’d have to do it again.

God will allow us to experience fake happiness to discover that life in this world, no matter how abundant, if lived without Him is still loss.

Because, it takes walking a long, dry desert to appreciate what water feels like.

And two, He’s never giving up.

Our driest, dirtiest, messiest times are the times when God is teaching us our greatest lessons. He is perfecting us, and making us like Him. Because He did not die for nothing.

He’s creating in us soldiers that can stand against the toughest enemies, fight for His kingdom and live for His glory. Who’s not afraid to die for the sake of His name, and takes no glory in the victory He’s won.

He’s the one who keeps our feet from stumbling, and pulls us up when we find ourselves drowning again. He’s the one who loves us with a love that’s undying, even when we forget what He did from time to time. He’s the one who reminds us, and grow us. He’s the one who holds us, and won’t ever let us go. He’s the one who looks for us, even when we run far from home.

He’s never giving up, because when it comes to fighting – The Cross proves His limits are none.

And three, He’s already won.

Satan experienced total knock out when He chose to save us.
Satan experienced total knock out when He died and rose to life again.
Satan experienced total knock out when reconciliation through His death took place.

So never be silent in your driest, keep speaking, keep proclaiming, keep trusting. Because the fight you’re in is not a losing one.

The wait for the long desert-like silence may feel like a lifetime but there’s much more to these tough times than what they appear to be.

“… weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”
-Psalm 30:5

Credits to Pinterest for the photo.


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