#LoveLocal: Duyan Cafe, Negros Occidental

The best plan, is no plan.

This one’s a good mantra and a common one. I can attest to that myself.

The trip we took was actually a last-minute change of plans, but we were so glad we changed it. When you’re on a tight schedule and you desire to have a quick-away from the worries of city life, a little coffee while you sit on top of a cafe that beautifully captures a good view of the peaceful life on the mountains is definitely one trip you’d like to take.

It wouldn’t take that much of your time to get to the actual cafe, and you’d definitely enjoy the travel going there, especially with friends.


We actually went for a little break and took pictures in an old Chapel while we were on the way. My friends and I are suckers for views, but we also are frustrated photographers (haha). With a little help from a skillful friend, you’d probably take better pictures than we did in this little stop.

Duyan Cafe is 21 Kilometers away from Bacolod-Silay International Airport, take a right once you go out, go straight ahead, and you’d be there in no time, free from stress, ready to chill and relax. When you arrive, you’d be greeted by a cute little “Duyan” (hammock/swing) and a good view of the mountains in front of the cafe.

Food-wise, they have a very flexible menu. From Batchoy (soup) to dessert, to meals. We only ordered tea and chips as we went there with full tummies and had no time to sit and stay for a long while.


It was a good place, and you’ll want to come there for what they are known for: the view (food is a GOOD bonus). All the greens without the buzz of the city life. Overlooking, with a panoramic sight of forests, and mountains. (Good Instagram opportunities, if that’s worth mentioning – Hi to that Woodman!)


The place itself isn’t the only good thing about it, it’s the journey and the roads you travel too. There’s always something to look forward to, doesn’t matter if you’re on your way to the Cafe, excited to arrive or you’re on your way home. We met our sunset on the journey back, good thing we went home before it began.



Definitely for those who need breathers, this little journey (at least, for us) was a good way to breathe. Maybe it could be yours too.


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