All Ye Who are Weak

We all got scarred and bruised when we were little. Careless, and tactless. We’d get scraped knees out of running, burns out of the fire our parents warned us not to play with. They hurt, we endure. They last long, we get impatient.

Slowly, we discover after some time the wounds become scaly and we eagerly pluck the hard parts only to witness the peeled skin underneath don’t look like the rest. The healing skin itches and we can’t stop ourselves from scratching to soothe itch’s demand.

It didn’t bother us that much.

We discover as we grow older that there’s more to life than the four corners of our room, and there are a lot more disappointments than not getting what we want. Growing grants us an opportunity to learn not only from the bruises and scars that can be seen, but also those hard pains that sink deep within the surface.

Pain that’s not brought upon not by our own choice – but by circumstances that we can’t do anything about. Things happen, and we don’t get to choose what does.

These things we experience are the things that scar our hearts for life. Things, that we don’t forget easily. The greater the pain, the tougher the lesson, the harder it takes to forget. Especially when it involves a loss.

But not all the pain in the world demands to be felt, sometimes they just demand to be surrendered.

We need to stop letting our hearts throb in pain while bearing our “cannot-be-altered” circumstances, because when Christ died on the cross, He did not only die to show us that He bore what we deserved. He died to show us that He DEFINITELY can.

That He can empathize, because He experienced what it’s like to be human.
That He can sympathize, because He knows we need compassion.
That He can carry the weight we so effortlessly – almost unconsciously, much like a routine – put on our shoulders, because He so “effort-fully” transferred the weight on Himself.

Surrender the weight of pain on your shoulders unto His mighty hand. He’s strong enough to carry you through it. Stop holding on to your excruciating disappointments and start clinging to Jesus, who holds you tight and loves you dearly.

He doesn’t need His children to look strong. He just wants His children to be His. Fully consumed and undone before Him. No solid faces, no fake happiness, no false joy.

Just dependence.


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