She Was The Lie She Told Herself

She was a scribe in her dreams, a writer. One of great and old. She wanted to be a classic, one that’s always told. And because the world told her autobiographies don’t sell that much, she settled for fiction. She wanted the kind of art everyone wanted to read – everyone could understand, and everyone would buy.

That’s when she decided, she had to be a lie.

She told them she was content, when in fact – she was not.
She told them she was independent, when all she wanted was love.
She told them she was great, when in fact she felt small.
She told them she was confident, when she can’t even stand tall.

She told them she was okay, and everything was fine.
When her nights were sleepless, her eyes were not dry.
They hit her every time, and each time they hit her harder.
She never said a thing. It didn’t matter, it didn’t matter.

She acted like an ignorant, she was colored in her flesh.
When in fact she was one of those who could care less.

She never allowed herself to like her,
What she always thought of was how they did.
She wanted to be loved, accepted.
And you know what? They did.

But one day she grew tired, and she grew weary.
It was getting harder to finish her story.
She was a lie, that’s all that she was.
If she were to write another chapter, then this would be her last.

She was the lie she told herself, the lie that turned to fire.
But He was a fountain of water, and her heart was His desire.
She was a beautiful lie, She was the lie she wanted to live.
But He was truth, and the truth she can’t believe.

She turned to heed the voice of the world, but only heard Him speak.
When He opened His mouth, earth couldn’t even squeak.

She had grown accustomed to what the world had told her,
If she were to be true, she’d stop getting love.
But He was enough, and He was great. He was stronger, He was Faith.
He was the one she needed, came down from above.

He told her He was love, and He really was.
He told her he loved her, and He had forgiven her past.
He was Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.
and She was loved, and she was cared for. Constant, til the end.

“I love you, more than anyone ever could.
and I love you, more than anyone ever would.
And if anyone were to promise that they’d die for you to live,
I’m here to tell you, wake up: I already did.”



One thought on “She Was The Lie She Told Herself

  1. Manang Baday, it hits me like boom! ❤ Thank you! 🙂 (Yay we're sitting together in one table just few minutes ago and I'm here, reading your blog hehe. ^_^)


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