You Can Sit With Us

No man is an island.

Introvert or extrovert, girl-friends and guy-friends are a way to live. We are never meant to be lone rangers. What we’d rather have is independence, but we’re not meant to live on our own. We need each other.

Because that’s how He designed it to be.

In His macro plan, God designed this world to display what He wanted to happen. He created different kinds of animals that had its own purpose – each magnifying in them the Creator who is wonderful in every way. He made different kinds, and put them in one earth – with each one, He granted the ability to adapt. To live, and thrive despite differences. He created many, because He knew one would be shattered. He created man, and made a partner because He saw what his creation needed. We need each other.

So we can embrace our flaws.

What stops us from truly wanting to connect with others is that we don’t want to get judged. We’d rather have people in an arm’s length, not too close, but not too far as well – because we’re so afraid they might judge us for the way that we live, or the way that we think. But that’s the greatest thing about being with friends.

In the light of our differences, we learn to embrace each one. We need each other.

So we can show grace.

When life gets a little bit too messy, our systems automatically shut down. We stomp into our homes, march towards our bedroom and slam the door shut because the world is too much to handle, it’s probably asking too much from us at this point. When you think no one will understand, try accountability.

You’ll be so surprised with how much God can use your companions to change your perspective at any given moment. People who share in the same saving grace that transforms even the ones that may seem too impossible to transform will understand because they know you’re just as human as they are. They can empathize because they’ve been through the rough, rock bottom, ocean deep, and drowning circumstances too. Different situations, the same solution, the same God. We just need to listen, and share. We need each other.

So we can show love.

When we learn to show grace, we also learn to show love. We learn to show grace in difficult circumstances, we learn to show love to difficult people. We learn to show grace towards difficult people, we shed love in difficult circumstances. It’s a process, and a connection. Love and grace, they go together. There can’t be one without the other.

We become gracious to difficult people, and we show them grace by not judging their mistakes. We begin to love them by not letting them stay as they are. We correct, but we also get corrected. We share the same love from Love Himself, and by sharing we create an environment that produces a pleasing aroma of worship that glorifies no one else but the Giver. We need each other.

So we can display, reflect and glorify Christ.

Satan may want to use our differences to his advantage, but there’s not a weak link God cannot strengthen. Our imperfections are one way to display that we are but jars of clay, and the power to conquer does not come from us but from Him. Like marriage, the price is not so the group can perfectly pursue Christ, but a group joining in to a mutually flawed pursuit of Christ. Our patience, understanding, grace, and love towards our fellow Christians reflect Christ, and glorifies Him all in all.

Let God use you to strengthen others, and let God use others to strengthen you. We need each other, so we won’t get stuck. We’re advancing, with Christ in the center. Advancing, advancing. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Get accountable, be open and don’t hold back. Stop doubting if you’re ever going to fit in, or if you’re just one big messy pile that came out of nowhere. We’re all messy here – let’s get decluttered together, you can sit with us.

Photo Credits to Google.


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