Naked Disclosures

“Nothing is really little as long as it is genuine.”

The temptation to be like the world is as close to us as a mother kangaroo is to her her baby. It’s normal for people, for humans like us to crave for acceptance from the world we live in. We’d rather take nasty, second-hand, fifty-percent meant compliments rather than have genuine, authentic, and rebuking kind of conversations. We’d choose to suffer the guilt of not being true on our own little bubbles, our rooms and the closed comfort of our homes than to reveal who we truly are and what we truly feel to everyone around us. Including those who confess they’re just like us – the ones whom you share the same faith with, the same blood with, in one lifetime or another. We get so caught up by becoming someone to others, someone strong, someone who’s got it all together, we forget to live in the version that’s our own. In the true, and vivid colors of rainbows we’d be able to share with others if only we’d have the courage to let it shine. We take the shade of colors that don’t define us, rather than flaunt the colors we possess. We fake it, until we make it, and when we make it, then it’s no longer made by us.

And then when the demands of life’s painful circumstances threatens to reveal who we truly are, we’re in a state of panic, unsure how to react. We ask, “Who am I, really?” because we can no longer pinpoint the last time we’ve been real. To ourselves, and to others as well. The pain is usually unbearable, and altogether depressing. We drench ourselves in our own thoughts and find that they can’t offer anything but add to the pain that we feel. Frustration, anger and anxiety gets the best of us and we’re left with nothing but emptiness – more hollow than ever before. More plain, more black and white, more monotone, more negative. There’s just so much unwanted “mores” we experience when we get caught up by living lives that aren’t our own, trying to fit our feet in soles of other shoes which aren’t ours.

What we fear most is rejection, but isn’t it enough that the greatest acceptance we’ve ever received is when Christ himself died for our sins in order that we – unacceptable, intolerable, damned – creatures would find new life and in Him? It’s a one-way ticket to a greater sense of calling, and that is to identify ourselves in Christ. But, why is it that we’d rather take the more tangible kind of acceptance? Why do we fear to be seen as who we are? Weak, frail, fragile and vulnerable. Rather than claim these facts, we bathe ourselves with lies we ourselves made, so that in order that we ourselves might feel better about ourselves. I know it’s redundant, but it’s the truth.

We have to wake up! We have to cultivate ourselves and strive to be true! We have to stand naked before the Father, scandalous and full of filth – so He could clothe us with His grace, and mercy, and love and truth. We have to take off everything we cover ourselves with, and stand true to those whom God called to be a part of your life, and a whole bigger picture you won’t be able to comprehend. We have to let go of every ounce of faith we have for ourselves, and let go of the images we replace our God with, so God will remain unchallenged in our hearts! We have to take off – TAKE OFF – anything we wear, because garments sewn together by man simply won’t do before God.

Quit frontin’ bad for good. Stop playing pretend. Be True. Look for the scars and treasure them. Don’t hide them, flaunt them. Don’t be shy, nor be discouraged of your mistakes.

Because, while good is often commendable, they may indeed be hidden behind clothing. Real skin reveals real scars, and real scars reveal real circumstances, reveal people, reveal Christ – who got them through it. Real ones don’t hide with garments dirty enough to be considered a mop. Real ones reveal themselves naked, and find themselves clothed with nothing else but Grace. Scars are wonderful when you know they’ve been cleansed and made clean. They may be painful reminders, but at least we have something that reminds us. Pitiful, and forgetful citizens of heaven who – more often than always – forget they’re here temporarily.

May our lives be as true as Christ who got us through, and may His love be as real to us as He is. Grace and Peace. (Photo credits to Pinterest)


4 thoughts on “Naked Disclosures

  1. 21stCenturyCatholic says:

    Thank you so much for this post.

    I write a lot about physical and mental nudity on my blog — taking off not only one’s clothes, but taking off what one has inside, too: Laying all one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences at God’s feet. And I’m so happy to find someone who feels the same about nudity.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 21stCenturyCatholic says:

        You’re welcome.

        I agree: It’s great to push for a great cause that calls for lots and lots of courage.

        And thank you for your kind words.

        God bless you. 🙂


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