A Blissful Youth: Behold to Become

It takes a great deal of courage and faith to seize the opportunities that lie ahead not knowing what might come next, but it takes a greater deal to stay still and wait when they come knocking on your door. Screaming like the daylight in the sunrise, fragrant like spray from a bottle of perfume.

This season we are in is something we must not put on hold, but it is also something we have to learn to embrace. Oh, how great a deal of beauty in life do we take for-granted by rushing to grow up, rushing to grow old before just watching everything unfold in its due time.

What happens when we run ahead of God?

When we listen to others counsel telling us there is a better way out of our situations, we rush to find out what that is. We take steps and insult God’s knowledge by believing the serpent’s beautiful words.

Adam and Eve made coverings for themselves when they realized they were naked because they went ahead of God in eating what was forbidden. They rushed to know what they could not handle. Cain killed Abel in rushing to become the one who pleased God better, not taking notice of what God said before he did the crime. People rushed to have better lives, marrying and being merry on their own. Not taking into account what God had for them, therefore grieving God to the point of regret. Abram listened to Sarai when she lost faith that God was able to give them a child, hence Ishmael was born to Hagar. Regret came to Sarai, regret came to be. Joseph rushed to redeem his people, yet he only made matters worse. Israel rushed to be in the promised land, impatience led them to sin by idolatry. I guess, now we see the pattern?

The things we do may seem like the best thing to do at the moment, but it won’t be after some time. We all need to learn the value in waiting: beholding to become.

Simple details that slip our mind when reading are the ones we must take note of the most. Forget not how long Noah had to wait in the ark for the water to go down and experience land again. Forget not what a great deal of value God instilled upon Abraham while he waited for his Isaac. Forget not how long God waited for Joseph to be ready for Him to use the man in His timing. Forget not how long God prolonged the agonies of His people to see the promised land. Forget not how long Jesus waited to start His move on His ministry. Forget not – how each person in the Bible was taught the value of waiting for them to become the people God wanted them to be.

Millennials, we are taught to live life to the fullest because it goes only once. But aren’t Christians bound to live forever? There’s a lot more life where it came from, why rush in taking everything as it is?

A new job, a new car, a new phone, yes – they all sound very great. But, aren’t we rushing to seek these things more than how we appreciate what we already have? A new me, a new life! Yes, you are indeed made new the moment God died for you, but are you rushing to see God’s beautiful design but not waiting on the artist to finish the painting? Are you really content on being amazed by the result without watching how He did it?

There’s a lot more life
where it came from,
why rush in taking
everything as it is?

Behold to become, don’t miss out.

We seek God in every opportunity, hoping He’ll meet us there. But God is in the waiting, He’s is within the process. He is not just on the end, He is from the beginning and He is everything in between. He is watching you closely to catch you in every fall. He is sitting beside you, through it all. He is smiling in every mountain you conquer, He is clapping at every achievement. He is teaching every lesson, He is orchestrating every step. He taps your shoulder when you wander, and directs you when you’re lost. He corrects your mistakes and teaches you to do better next time. He never stops assuring you of His love, and how He has won victoriously in the battles you have lost. He turns your book’s every page, as He watches you color what He has already drawn. He composes the music, as He watches you dance to the rhythm of His heart’s beating loud and clear. He has done it all, given it all on the cross, there is nothing to fear.

Do you really want to miss that much out of heaven, kingdom understanding on earth by seeking idols made by man? So think again, don’t you want to experience the bliss of stepping in puddles and jumping in the rain? Behold to become, watch closely as He makes you, the you he wants you to be.

You’ll get there because He’ll finish what He has started. The things He said are not empty words but promises. Be faithful as He is able. Be ever trusting, as He is ever great. What He wants most from us is not to rush in being adults but to remain children. His children. Dependent. And He’ll make you be dependent on Him because you’re weak on your own.

Maybe He is not in making us into adults after all. 🙂


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