Waiting for the One

Dear Young Lady,

Are you looking for The One?

Do you often picture your life in a beautiful house, cooking in a kitchen for someone who’s eyes are locked on you? Do you imagine moments and smile stupidly in public places because your thoughts fly to that first meeting when you stutter with your stomach tied up in knots and you simply know it’s not something you’ve felt before?

Here’s to you, pretty girl.

You may be looking for The One, but stop. You may think you’ve met The One, or you’re bound to meet him soon, but stop. Just pause, put every search on hold. Let your binoculars rest, put down your magnifying glass.

Because maybe that “The One” may not be the “one” you’ve been wasting your time looking for in the coffee shops or in book stores thinking his interests could match yours. Maybe your “The One” is not JUST ANYONE because He Is The One. Maybe that’s why the person is called The One because He Is distinct, He is different, He is entirely set apart – not of this world.

Because, maybe it’s not about your “looking for the one” that needs to be changed. Maybe it’s about your mindset in what you’re looking for.

Because your the one should not be limited in what you can see.

Your “THE ONE” should not be boxed within the limits of someone who adores you.

Your The One is not a person who makes promises he never intends to keep.
Your The One is The One, who died of a love so deep.

Dear Young Lady,

You’re young and completely naive. Please know, and learn from me. Learn from those whose hearts have been shattered and broken. There will be boys out there who’ll use your innocence to their advantage. Talk to those whose perfect daydreams turned turned dull because they rushed to find love, only to realize it’s just not something you find around the corner.

Don’t tour the world looking for The One because you don’t have to look. Your The One is The One who’s nearer than your most inner thoughts, whose love for you goes deeper than the ocean, whose effort to let you know you’re loved goes to the point of The Cross. Whose love does not match yours but goes beyond.

Your The One is not just anyone.

Oh beautiful young lad, take a stand:
Focus on Jesus.

Focus not on Looking for “love” but upon the one whose name is Love. Focus on The One whose love does not run out, whose love is not changed by your mistakes. Focus on The One who cares for you and loves you, even when He is certain you can’t love Him the same way.

Focus on Him because His eyes are not stained with disappointment every time you do something wrong against Him. Focus on The One whose love is enduring, and patient and altogether perfect.

Focus, not because everyone else tells you that when you focus on Him, He’ll give you what you’re looking for. No, focus on Him because you want to. Because He moves you to. Focus on Him because He deserves your ears, eyes, mind – He deserves your heart. Focus on Him because He is jealous, and is grieved when you long for something else. Thinking that one’s better than the relationship you have with Him. Focus on Him, because He is worthy. Focus on Him because He can handle the pressure of constantly assuring you every time you doubt His love.

Focus on The One whose love is not driven by your efforts, or how alluring, beautiful, wonderful you are. Focus on the one who loves you, simply because He is Love. Focus on The One who is capable of loving your dark sides. Focus on The One who notices your imperfections but still loves you nonetheless. Focus on The One who is intentional in hurting you, because He loves you enough to not tolerate you.

Focus on The One who remembers your sins no more.

Focus on Jesus, because He died to let you live.
Let Him make you kneel down in humble adoration of The One who set you free.

Focus on The Father, let Him overwhelm you with His never ending grace.
Train your eyes to look beyond what’s tangible.

Focus on The Holy Spirit, be sensitive and ever present in His presence.
Train your ears to listen intently to His instruction.

Focus on God, The Holy Trinity. Why look for “the one” when God is THREE-IN-ONE?
Who else, I repeat. Who else can love you, and show you love – in the way that He did? In the way that He Will? In the way that He always does?

Who else deserves your love and devotion?

Young lady, why look for something else when you can focus on The One you already have?

May your daydreams be filled with the excitement of meeting The Groom.


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