Where Can I Run?

We humans, measure our worth and depend our happiness on our successes. Sometimes, even our worship depends on how God blesses us.

If He gives us what our hearts seek, we rejoice and believe that He fulfills His promises, the catch is this: when He doesn’t, we are shaken. Utterly demented. Instead of finding  comfort in His sovereignty, we seek comfort elsewhere. We run to our friends, find solace in our family’s pitiful comments, surf the internet for the next “it” to make it big again.

Don’t get me wrong, all the stuff I’ve mentioned are blessings. Accountability is the key to not get insane but its important to know that they should not be the first person or resort we run to for solutions. We are blind people, we don’t need blind guides. 

In the same way that Proverbs 3:5 says we should not lean on our own understanding, so it applies to not leaning on the understanding of others as well. We are to trust in the Lord, with all our heart and lean on Him alone.

When things get rough, run to the one who knows all things. (Job 37:15-16)
Run to the one who knows you. (John 10:27)
Run to the one who makes everything work for your good. (Romans 8:28)
Run to the one who cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)
Run to the one who prays for you. (Luke 22:32)
Run to Him.

When we don’t understand anything, its God telling us “Don’t try to understand! Trust me!” People will tell you all these ways and benefits, but is it really fitting to listen to what they say firsthand before talking to God and actually try and listen to Him? I’m not saying you should shut them out entirely because God can use anyone in revealing His will to us, point here is: Run to God first – before running to anyone else. To not pour your heart’s concern to someone else if you’ve not yet laid down your concerns to God.

God knows what you need before you ask Him, all He wants is for us to recognize His greatness by being transparent when it comes to everything that’s happening to our lives – not that He doesn’t know anything about us but because He knows. God leads us to green pastures, not the kind that “the grass is always greener on the other side” but the kind of pasture that says “I know this is the best.” We have plans, but it isn’t God’s plan. We want things to go our way, but we’re not sovereign. We have solutions, but apart from God nothing would be good enough. There’s no place better here on earth than being where God intends to put you. There’s no satisfaction more guaranteed than what eternity offers.

If you are saved, earth is just a pit stop. Eternity is your destination. Its where your journey ends. Life here on earth isn’t for us, we’re just passing through. Don’t practice your knowledge, practice your faith.

Just be led.


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