Naked – Unafraid.



In this world full of blunt uniformity, only a few have given much thought about going bare. When getting dressed up is more comfortable than going around the supermarket just dressed down. When all these companies spring up to offer you the latest make up, people don’t hesitate to splurge hundreds just so they could cover their age or look older than they really are – either way, they’d still choose hiding than be caught dead in their worst hair day. We’re in an era where in pretending to be someone else is a-lot easier than being yourself.



In this blog, I share my purest thoughts. I had the choice to go anonymous, but that wouldn’t be so much of “fearless” would it?

Stay loved – Cham


2 thoughts on “Naked – Unafraid.

  1. God originally meant for us to be “naked without shame.” (Genesis 2:25)

    God created the naked human body and said it was “very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

    I believe the desire to naked — either physically or emotionally — is perfectly natural. We were not meant to hide behind clothes or makeup, or build emotional walls: We were meant to show all of ourselves to each other.

    Then Adam and Eve sinned and messed everything up. (Genesis 3:7)

    I admire people who go naked, because I think what such people are trying to do is good: Get more in touch with who God created them to be.

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