Love and Waiting

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Some things don’t make sense. You’re not the only one that’s broken. They’re not the only ones who made mistakes. Reflections from a recent heartbreak.

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The simplest use of words can either refresh, rebuke, remind, or hurt the people around us.

Let’s not aim for the latter.

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Too little desires

There is no balance in Christianity – contradictory to the first paragraph of this post, we are to live our days sacrificing but we don’t do so in vain. It may hurt when we are being pruned and sanctified but His promise is worth it.

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Dancing in the Sky

January 1, 2019 | 00:01 Yep, definitely new year.I guess, getting better can be summed up in three words. You’ll get there. Slowly. You’ll take a few steps forward, maybe a step back sometimes, but you’ll get there. It will happen. You’ll get better. You’ll be okay. It’s not useless.

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My New Year’s Mantra

December 31, 2018 | 22:57 like a scribe, i will write. like a bird, i will fly. like a mountain, i will not be shaken. in this race, i will run – get hurt, fall down, lose. like the human i am, i’ll be discouraged. but as i hold fast to the God that i […]

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