Girls Like Me

I am assured that the Sovereign God will fill us with joy today as we seek to pursue what His heart desired when He created us. May we all desire to become happy helpers!

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It’s easier for us to dream dreams. How we get from our daydreams to reality is a journey of failures, but the one who dreams must have enough courage to seize it.

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The New Normal

God makes way for His plans to commence, no matter what the situation is.

This does not necessarily mean that all our plans will be ruined by God, that only make Him mean. This does mean, that when our plans are not aligned to His, He is gracious enough to redirect us. That makes Him good.

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Ika 4 ng Agosto, 2018 | Sa pagitan ng alas Dyis hanggang alas Onse ng gabi. Bakit Ang mga araw na nagdaan ay isang malaking bakit. Bakit masakit. Bakit ganito. Bakit ayaw tumigil. Bakit buhos ng buhos. Bakit parang ang dali lang? Bakit ako? Bakit? Ako? Bakit. Mga tanong na naghahanap ng sagot na di […]

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Struggles and Setbacks

And although there’s fear within me that slowly eats me up, there’s a certain comfort in knowing my finiteness too. Comfort in acknowledging God as the only One who can hold all things, everything in His hand.

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I’m not saying Yes to a Maybe

I’m no longer saying Yes to a Maybe because they’re expensive, and I can no longer afford it. To save you from your future heartbreak, “maybe” you should too. I am aware that by saying this, I might be hindering you from learning lessons on your own, but If I can help you in avoiding the land mines I had stepped on, then this maybe is worth it.

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